more an "edit" to an existing project

I created a video edit with various media (images, narration, screencasts, etc) and saved it. Apparently I created this edit in a My Projects project. I would like to move it to a specific Project that contains similar content.
I can find the edit in My Media, but cannot seem to move it to the correct project (The project I wish to move it to already exists and has other edits in it…) I just want to add this one since it’s the same topic.

When I right-click on it from the My Projects project, it only give me Open Edit, Finalize, Rename, Duplicate, and Delete.

Anyone have knowledge of how to move this edit from one project to another?

You are trying to move an edit from one project to another. This is a major fail point for WeVideo and I have sent them a bug report and feature request on this subject (). I suggest you do the same and maybe someday this will be easier. Until then, you will need the help of a WeVideo admin for your school. They will need to follow steps 1-2 below to create a template of your project. After that, you will follow steps 3-4 to import that template to your new project.

  1. Admin user opens your project and makes a duplicate copy of the edit
  2. Admin opens the duplicate copy of the your edit, and chooses the function ‘convert to template’
  3. You create a new project, or open the new project created to hold the edits
  4. You use the “New from the template” function to create a new edit using the template from the old project.

… As you can see, it’s a huge pain to complete a simple “move” operation. WeVideo would be smart to make this a core function that all users can complete.

More info about templates:

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Update: There is a new beta feature “Duplicate to Project” and you may need to request to enable it by WeVideo tech support. You will see it listed in the settings button for an edit in a project list, and copy one timeline to another project. See image attached.